If you are a Verizon Wireless customer with an Android device that likes to download new apps, Verizon is offering a special version of Chomp. Chomp is an app that will allow you to search for their apps based on things like genre and more. You could run a search for a specific type of app, like a barcode scanner for instance, and find all the apps you want. Verizon is offering a special version of Chomp that will search across three places at one time.

The three places that Chomp searches include V Cast Apps, the Verizon Wireless mobile storefront, and the Android Market. It’s important to note that only the version downloaded from V Cast Apps allows the searching function across all three sources. Chomp lets the user find an app based on what the app does and offers price information across the storefronts and more.

“Cross-store search is a huge milestone both for Chomp and the broad landscape of apps,” said Ben Keighran, chief executive officer and co-founder of Chomp. “Not only does this help minimize the app discovery problem, it also adds a valuable layer to the app search experience, providing app seekers with options that will expose the best apps for the lowest cost.” The Chomp app is available free to Verizon users right now.