The newest flagship from the Korean OEM, the LG G5 finally receives its first update since its official release. The changes seem minor though, which includes the comeback of the missing app drawer and improvements in the CAM Plus module of the smartphone. But of course, anything that will bring improvements to our devices should be welcomed with open arms, or rather, open smartphones. And so this update to the LG G5 should make new and future owners of the device happy.

The case of the missing app drawer has been an interesting one for the LG G5. For some reason, the OEM thought that users will appreciate having other options to look at their apps and so removed the app drawer itself. But then people were looking for it, and so they decided to bring it back as a separate download at the LG SmartWorld. But now, it is part of the update to the UX 5.0 and will appear as the “Home & app drawer” in the settings. If you decide that you still prefer the original settings without the app drawer, then you can just choose “Home” in the settings as well.

Another improvement brought about by this update is to the LG CAM Plus module. You now have a continuous or “burst” mode when taking pictures. Just like with most DSLR cameras, you can now capture 10 shots per second with up to 30 frames max. This is good when taking action shots for sports or shots of moving animals under observation, etc.

The update to the LG G5 will start rolling out in select markets in Asia. North American and European customers will then receive the OTA update over the next few weeks.