While the LG G5 has generally received pretty good reviews, one criticism for the new flagship from the OEM is that it didn’t have the usual app drawer that Android users are used to. This was seen even before the actual device was released. They did try to remedy it immediately by releasing a preview of the UX 5.0 that they were releasing together with the new smartphone, showing the Home & App drawer home screen option. However the phone was released and what users found there was the app drawer from the old UX 4.0 software.

Finally though, the real updated Home & App drawer for the UX 5.0 for the LG G5 has finally arrived. Don’t expect something groundbreaking of course. It’s just the traditional home screen and app drawer combo that we come to expect from our Android devices, only it’s on your spanking new LG G5 of course. You just have to go to your Settings > About Phone > Update Center > App Updates and the update should be there already, as some users have confirmed.

You will actually see the updates for the Home & App drawer and the Home Selector as well. After you’ve installed them, when you tap the home screen, you will now be prompted to choose your default home screen. And if you want to stick to the your device’s default, then choose the Home & App drawer then.

The beauty of Android devices though is that you get to choose which home or app launcher you really want, and there are a lot of choices out there. However, if you still want to stick to LG’s own, then at least you have the choice to do so now.

VIA: Droid Life