Today a masterpiece of pork has been released, having been previously only available for Android if you had an Xperia PLAY, now out there for everyone to take pork in – I mean part in if you love to pork puzzle games – I mean play puzzle games. This game is today’s Amazon Appstore Free App of the Day and it’s a game of attempting to once again save the earth, like most video games, only this time you’re a pig and you’re fighting against the pigs of heck. Sound like your kind of swine? Do indulge, do indulge instantly.

This is a game not unlike the utterly classic Solomon’s Club, another puzzle game of some note, that one for Game Boy classic, this one for your brand new Android device. What you’re doing in the game is moving your pig character up down left and right across a 2D/3D grid. The object of the game is to move objects into play or out of play in a series of turns all aimed at you accessing the key square which unlocks the next level. Much in the same way the most successful game for this mobile platform Angry Birds makes you desire more and more they next unlocked level, so too does this game make you desire the next porky puzzle.

NOTE: We’re reviewing the non-Xperia version of this app on the HTC Sensation 4G which you can see a full review of back here – check it out!

What you see in this game from the splash screen to the last level is a rather professionally produced game, made in ernest for mobile, the graphics created for the medium to small screens you’ll be using it on. The graphics are simple but well-adjusted for the wide variety of displays, resolutions, and other hardware they’re certainly going to be showing up on. You don’t need 3D 60FPS graphics loads to make a great game, games like aPORKalypse are proving that day after day here on Android.

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Have a hankering for some mind-boggling maze-like puzzles in an off-the-wall environment inside an impossibly odd storyline with lovable piglike characters?

You’ve found your perfect match!

Available in the Amazon Appstore or through your Xperia PLAY app and your V-Cast store on your Xperia PLAY device now!