Sonos Portable Speaker

Sonos has always been a trusted brand when it comes to portable audio system category. We’ve featured quite a few models over the years as early as 2011 when we told you about the Sonos Controller for Android. The last pair we shared was the Sonos One and Sonos Beam finally receiving Google Assistant support. Sonos is introducing a new product in the form of an unnamed Bluetooth speaker. An updated Sonos Connect plus a mystery speaker have reached the FCC which means a public announcement is about to be made.

The unnamed Sonos speaker comes with Bluetooth streaming features apart from Sonos mesh. Sonos knows music streaming as one of the pioneers but it needs to improve on the Bluetooth features with Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth audio streaming. It may also include Wi-Fi streaming.

A Sonos speaker is said to have surfaced on Twitter, appearing as another tall cylinder but with some rounded base. It looks like an old Sonos One although this one appears to be meant for the home.

A smart speaker from Sonos could feature either the Google Assistant or Alexa. We see some touch controls on the top surface for the volume and play/pause. The speaker grille appears to be made of metal.

The base looks to be made with more durability like with maybe a rubber at the bottom. It could be smaller too but may also be more powerful. We don’t see any USB or charging port but they could be placed at the back. Another source said the back of this Sonos One-like speaker comes with a WiFi or Bluetooth toggle switch.

When it comes to pricing, this one could be around $200 to $300. That’s mid-range to premium but it’s from a trusted brand. It can be another addition to that smart home you’re building.