When it comes to Google Glass, there is as much good news as there is bad. Someone gets pulled over while wearing Glass, but the charges are dropped. A guy gets yanked from a movie theatre, accused of recording the film, but it was a misunderstanding. One thing that might be more concerning is early adopters who are becoming very vocal about limiting their usage, or leaving Glass behind altogether.

The latest to speak out against Glass is explorer Chris Barrett. Barrett is the guy who first walked into a Casino with Glass on, and is believed to have captured the first arrest with the headwear. For a guy who puts himself in some headache-inducing situations, he’s now saying his headaches are real — and caused by Glass. Literally.

Speaking to CNET, Barrett says his headaches started almost immediately. In his first week(second day, even), he was getting headaches from using it so much, craning his eye upward to see notifications so often. In asking the Glass community for feedback on their experience, Barrett said he found others with similar instances.


This brings us to Robert Scoble, who so famously lashed out against Glass earlier this year. Scoble was one of the loudest evangelists of Glass upon launch, snatching up a set as soon as he could. At some point, he began noticing the pitfalls of both the hardware and program itself. They’re not the only two taking issue, either. Many others have sworn off or grown tired of the $1,500 headwear for various reasons, with most simply not interested in wearing it often due to limited functionality.

Some love Glass. Others have grown discontent, or lost interest altogether. We’re closing in on March, and haven’t heard anything about Glass’ retail availability, which causes some who were anticipating the headwear to lose interest. Though it can’t be called a failure, since it’s been little more than a beta program to start with, Glass certainly has lost a lot of steam lately.