We know Anker more for its cables, chargers, and powerbanks but looks like it wants to enter the heads-up display game. The company has been busy unveiling add-ons and accessories including the Anker Wall Charger PowerPort and USB-C with Power Delivery USB TYPE C and now it’s ready to join the bandwagon by coming up with the Roav.

The Anker Roav is an HUD that will directly rival the Navdy HUD. The latter is an old device that can project virtual images onto a car’s windshield. The two are dash-mounted head-up display that aims to provide the driver information he needs.

The Roav is the newer model between the two but its entry into the HUD game means there is a demand for such. This one is said to be “the beginning of a product line that will let you add new functionality to your car” as Anker has plans of introducing more related products.

Just like the Navdy, the Roav will project info in front of your windshield. This allows a less distracted driving because the information you need to see are right in front of you. It’s better than navigating on the built-in dashboard or your connected smartphone.

Roav HUD will be out next month but we’ve got no word on pricing yet. It shouldn’t be expensive if we are to look at the prices of other items introduced by Anker before. Meanwhile, the older Navdy HUD costs $499.

If Anker wants the Roav to win this HUD game against the Navdy, then it should make it more affordable. They’re almost the same in functions and features but as with any other gadgets or services, people will want value for money. The Navdy is already expensive so the Roav still has the chance to be offered at a very affordable price.

VIA: PhoneArena

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