Hooray! All of you playing Angry Birds on your Android Device more than likely know about the update that came earlier this month giving you 45 extra levels and a big fat extra bird to work with. If you do, you know that this addition not only ads more advertisements to your game (in a really inappropriate place in the top right corner,) but the app is, for many players, choppier and more lagged than the pre-update version. Yuck! But you need your birds, you can’t live without your birds, and you need to smash you some pigs! So what did XDA forum member theimpaler747 do? He made a mod!

This mod not only erases the advertisements getting in the way of your gameplay, it speeds up your play as well, getting rid of all that laggy crappiness and make it all smooth for you again. Get really smooth. Take a look over in this XDA thread for more info on installing, and as always, be careful and remember this is a hack, not an official update.

UPDATE: It appears that the developer responsible for creating this upgrade has decided to discontinue the project. Sad! If you’ve got any info on any continuation of development on this or a similar project, please send it in to our tipline!

[Via XDA Developers Forum]



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