Angry Birds Transformers

Could the Angry Birds Transformers be better than Angry Birds Star Wars? We’re not sure but a lot of geeks are excited about this new version of Rovio’s very popular franchise. Shown off in July at the Comic Con, the Angry Birds Transformers game will soon be available on October 30. That’s a few weeks from now so be patient, the new game from your favorite birds is about to arrive.

Watching the gameplay trailer, the new Angry Birds game seems to be a bit different from the other versions. You won’t see flying birds here but running Autobirds shooting the Pigbots and Deceptihogs on Piggy Island, trying to find the EggSpark. Having fun imagining the game yet?

The Transformers Angry Birds game has already soft launched in New Zealand and Finland. Australia and Canada will follow to join the battle on Piggy Island ahead of other countries who have yet to download the game before October ends. Before then, you have a lot of time practicing on old Angry Birds game. Maybe…just maybe, you’ll be more psyched and determined to beat the hogs..errr, the Deceptihogs.

So that’s what the tag line “Birds disguised as robots in disguise” means. Glad to see robots for a change in an Angry Birds game. Rovio has got us excited once again I’m certain this will be as famous. Yup, another moneymaker for Rovio. No doubt about that.