Our friends at Rovio just teased us all with some new and upcoming Episodes for the highly popular Angry Birds Rio. The newest update coming soon is called Carnival and even though the teaser says out “now” it’s not out yet but will be coming soon. From the look of things the Rovio train full of Angry Birds wont be slowing down any time soon, they’ve been updating all 3 major version on a fairly regular basis now. Is anyone ready to play something else yet?

Don’t get me wrong, Angry Birds is extremely fun and addicting but I feel like I’ve played a little too much of it lately. That and the fact that it doesn’t feel the same unless I’m playing on my 10″ Motorola Xoom, my phone just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.

I’ll quit crying about loving it on my larger screen for those that aren’t lucky enough to have a Honeycomb tablet yet, but I will urge you to go snag that Galaxy Tab 10.1 that is up for pre-order now. Check out the teaser video below of all the upcoming excitement in Angry Birds Rio: Carnival

[via Droid-Life]