The latest Angry Birds update has arrived in the Play Store. We are talking about the original version here and this update has what is being touted as “all-new gameplay.” This update is the Red’s Mighty Feathers episode and it brings some new levels in addition to some new game play action. Just to begin with, users can expect 15 new levels.

The interesting twist here is the bit about the addition of moving targets. Well, that and the mixing of features from Bad Piggies. This comes for Red as he has been given a new episode called Egg Defender. Basically, it is a combination of Angry Birds and Bad Piggies with “a frenzy of bird flinging and crazy pig contraptions.”

In total there are 73 contraptions and Red has also been given some new powers from the Mighty Eagle. Some of these new powers include attacks that can be set forth with new speed and pinpoint accuracy. Of course, as we often see with Rovio updates, this one came with a trailer video which offers a short, but good look at some of what can be expected once you begin playing.

Bottom line here, it looks like Rovio has added a bit more life for this original Angry Birds release. And if nothing else, this one should arrive as a welcomed update for those who were also playing Bad Piggies.

Finally, while Rovio hasn’t given a specific timeline, they have said they are “gradually introducing” Rovio Account for Android users. In other words, if you happen to notice something pop up, don’t be super surprised. The Rovio Account setup was announced a little while back and means users will be able to keep their game in sync across multiple devices.

SOURCE: Google Play Store