Angry Birds Fight

Rovio is still banking on Angry Birds? Yep, the Finnish game developer who made billions of dollars from the franchise has just released another game: Angry Birds Fight! This title follows the Angry Birds Go! party mode update and the Angry Birds Stella POP. The game has arrived with a couple of videos featuring strange children and Sumo Wrestlers.

After watching the trailers, you’d think this one has a Japanese theme but it actually features a lot of other themes. So is this about the birds and pigs in a Sumo wrestling fight? Not really. Angry Birds Fight! is just a puzzle battle game–something like the Stella POP but instead of just swiping through three similar colored balls, you have to swipe to switch a bird and match three of the same kind. Birds of the same feather must flock together…I think that’s the goal.

You can play against friends in real-time challenges. You need to beat the clock and match as many birds as possible. Doing this many times will power up your bird for a bigger fight. You can equip your birds with armor and weapons for more power and acquire some special skills so you can explore more uncharted islands and finish all challenges.

Match three birds, unlock more birds, and fight the monsters pigs. If you can, match four to activate powers, and match more birds for more special powers.

Download Angry Birds Fight! from the Google Play Store


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