Rovio is still in the business of milking money from Angry Birds fans. I’ve lost count of how many games have been developed starring those famous birds and here’s another one: Angry Birds Stella POP! Yes, the Pink Bird now leads in a new game that requires the player to match colored balls with the goal of eliminating them to drop the pigs while saving exotic critters. Stella must still be angry with those pigs that she’s not stopping trying to beat them.

Angry Birds Stella POP! is another addictive puzzle game that lets the player pop colorful bubbles using what else–a slingshot. All you need to do is match the colorful bubbles to pop them. It’s just like the other match-to-pop-shoot-the-ball games you’ve played and have got you playing for hours back in the day. This one though will have you dropping the pics because of course, you still need to beat them as your No. 1 enemy.

Some special pops will give you a six-match streak to unlock a super powered bubble. Obviously, the more powerful the shot is, the more bubbles will pop. More boosts must be unlocked for more bubble popping power. There are many puzzles to finish that will make you pop the bubbles endlessly and with different challenges. The tricky levels will make you think and really use some smart strategies to reach the goal.

Use the map to explore the Golden Island and go through each level. You can even challenge your friends and connect with them on Facebook. If you plan on playing this game on both your mobile or tablet, you can freely sync your progress so you won’t have to repeat a level.

Popping the bubbles can be addictive at first but after a few minutes of playing this game, I got bored. I played some more because I wanted to listen to the enchanting music and see the beautiful graphics. Game is free but in-app purchases are offered.

Download Angry Birds Stella POP! from the Google Play Store