Andy Rubin

Could Andy Rubin be headed to Facebook?

If you follow Android, you know that the father of the operating system, Andy Rubin, is no longer overseeing Android at Google. It has remained unclear exactly what Rubin will be doing after stepping away from leading Android. Forbes writer Jean-Baptiste Su has an interesting theory on what Rubin might be doing.

Android leadership: Andy Rubin out, Sundar Pichai in

Coming as rather surprising news, Google has announced that Andy Rubin will be stepping down. Keeping in mind, he is not leaving Google, but rather stepping down as the lead of Android. Google has announced that Sundar Pichai will be replacing Rubin as the Android lead. And just in case anyone wanted to get into the crazy thoughts, Pichai will assume the lead for Android along with his existing work with Chrome and Apps.

Andy Rubin denies leaving Google, brags on Android activations

A Rumor has been making the rounds the Google's Andy Rubin was leaving Google to work at a startup called CloudCar. Robert Scoble apparently started the rumor on Google's own social network, Google+. The rumor pushed Andy Rubin to take to Twitter where he denied he would be leaving the company.
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