It has been quite some time since we’ve seen an Android T-shirt worth mentioning, but today we have one that surely many enthusiasts and Android fans would love to get their hands on. We’ve seen plenty of Android T-Shirts in the past, and this new “Andy Inside” shirt spotted by Droid-Life is a good look inside our favorite little bugdroid.

I still think my favorite one is the King Kong Andy taking on Steve Jobs, but this new one we’re showing you today is pretty good too. Andy Inside gives us a look at all those wires, huge brains because Android is smart, and the heart of Andy all in one.

These shirts have been extremely popular with collectors or enthusiasts, and probably won’t last long. Just like previous releases they come printed on quality American Apparel cotton Ts, and come in multiple different sizes for all Android fans. Google has their own store, but this is a little more unique.

The Android Inside t-shirt will run you about $17 to show your Android spirit, and comes in small all the way to 3XL, so surely they’ll have everyone covered. Even the girls can get one if they’d like. More details and purchase information can be found below.

VIA: Andy Inside