In case you’re like us and really love buying all sorts of Android things. Whether it be multiple phones, Nexus 7 tablets, Dead Zebra Android collectibles and more, today we have a neat little charger for you. If you’d like to show your pride for Android with a unique wall charger you’ll have to meet the ANDRU.

We’ve talked about these neat little collectible USB chargers before, but today we have an all new Droid ANDRU Dark version to show you guys. For a better idea of what to expect you’ll want to check out our ANDRU wall charger hands-on. Essentially what you get is a little extra from your wall charger.

ANDRU combines the popular Android logo into a nicely made collectible design that integrates a removable stand that doubles as the wall socket. From there you simply pull this collector item off your desk, take off the stand and plug it in. From here you can charge your phone or tablet with ease — all with Android style and flair.

The eyes will conveniently light up red when charger starts, so you’ll always know when ANDRU is charging up your phone or tablet. Just like the green version before it you have the removable stand, moving arms, soft touch matte finish, and glowing eyes. It’s a neat little accessory that I’m sure a few of you Android fanatics will surely want. They are listed as available now for $25 from ANDRU but their main page states they won’t be available until October 11th. Get em while they’re hot!