Meet ANDRU. This little Android robot collectible powered by a new company called Gen can sit at your desk as you show off your love for Android with the included stand, then transform and charge your phone at the same time. Already an iconic image — the Android robot mascot now doubles as your charger. We were lucky enough to get one for a quick hands-on video and a few pictures so check it out.

There really isn’t much to say here other than this little charger is awesome. If you love Android gear this is for you. It’s a charger that will power all Android smartphones with micro-USB and it can also sit and look pretty on you desk at home, or work. Being only 2.5″ it is small and lightweight. ANDRU is made out of a soft matte covered rubber and is soft to the touch. The robot antenna’s are always a worry for many. Here they’re made from rubber that bends, and wont break like many other collectibles.

The stand easily pulls off, but clicks into place so you wont have to worry about it falling or getting lost. Andy’s eyes glow white once plugged into the outlet in standby mode, then glow blue while charging. It isn’t anything revolutionary and wont magically charge your device cable free — but it is neat, fun, and can be yours for only $25 — available today.

ANDRU Charger Link

ANDRU USB Charger hands-on
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  1. This is “almost” awesome.  If he had an internal battery that could charge your phone when yours is about to die, he’d have Awesome status.  Even if the battery could only get you to about 30% charge, I’d pay $25 for it.


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