In time for today’s big launch of the new Xperia Z5 family, Sony has announced and showed off a brand new Theme Portal. It’s where users get new themes for their old or new Xperia devices. It’s also where artists, designers, and developers can share their own theme creations so others can use on their own phones and appreciate.

Anyone can submit his own creative theme to the Theme Portal. Sony will just have to approve your design and check if all codes and navigations are properly working.

If you’re not familiar with Theme Portal, check on the page now to see a very wide range of Xperia themes not only from regular Xperia users but also from official Sony partners and community designers. Note that these themes are only for Xperia phones and tablets. Check the theme gallery, click on your choice, and you’ll be taken to a Google Play Store page to start the download.

Interested to make a theme? Use the Theme Creator BETA tool. Program is Java-based so anyone who understands the language can easily create his own Xperia theme. It’s still in beta so apologies if you may experience some bugs and errors.

sony xperia theme

Themes can also help the designer or a company promote something. It can be used for advertising and marketing purposes so take advantage of this for increased visibility. Here’s how you can publish your theme.

SOURCE: Sony, Theme Portal