For those looking to get into the holiday spirit even more this year, while also showing your Android pride today we have a nice new wallpaper for everyone to rock on their device of choice. The guys from Android Foundry have continued their tradition of releasing an awesome holiday themed Android wallpaper. This time around we have good ol Andy throwing snowballs.

This is their third Android-themed wallpaper released in the past few months, and comes in all shapes and sizes to fit the growing different screen size and resolutions of our Android friends. In case you missed the Christmas lights wallpaper you can get it here. Now we have a friendly wallpaper with Andy tossing a few snowballs at his robot friend, who’s also trying to steal a carrot from his Snowman if you didn’t notice.

This is rather perfect timing too for a snow-themed wallpaper considering so much of the country was covered in snow this Christmas season. I know many friends and family were covered in a foot or so of snow Christmas morning, but sadly here in Vegas it was dry as can be for me. Since we didn’t actually get any snow, this will have to hold me over.

If you’d like to customize your own new Android smartphone or tablet you received on Christmas to match the seasons feel free to hit the link below. They offer tons of different resolutions, or just grab a big one and resize as needed. Don’t forget to check out our very own Android Community Wallpapers. Enjoy folks!

Winter Wonderland Wallpaper link