Remember that guy who ran good old Windows 95 on his LG wearable? Well, he’s back again, doing stuff to your Android wearable that you wouldn’t even think of. “Like what?”, you ask. If running an obsolete Microsoft operating system wasn’t enough, now Corbin Davenport is running old Playstation 1 games on an LG G Watch.

However amazing this may look, it still falls to the category of “a little bit pointless” – like running Minecraft on a smartwatch (yes, same guy). The Windows 95 hack was done by running a DOSBox emulator on the Android Wear platform. It’s not really clear how this new hack worked, but enjoy the video – playing the PS1 classic platformer game “Croc” on your wrist.

We think that this is another trick with an emulator – most probably ePSXe – being run by another program emulator for Android. Yes, quite like an emulator running on an emulator. If you want a Playstation super-duper portable, this is it.

What more pointless miracles can we expect from Mr. Davenport? Could he possibly run an old RTS classic like Starcraft on his wrist? Now that we would like to see.

VIA: Pocket Gamer