More will be able to enjoy Twitch as a new version has finally arrived on Android TV. This means more couch potatoes will be born as suggested by the company. You see, TV isn’t dying. The home appliance may be replaced by the computer or mobile device in some homes but Google’s Android TV is bringing it back in our living rooms. Instead of just getting a regular cable subscription, such platform has so far delivered numerous changes.

With Android TV being run in more smart TVs these days, there’s a silent war among apps to capture the audience. And with hundreds to thousands of apps now available, there’s also a quest for the most reliable one especially when it comes to streaming TV shows and movies. For one, Twitch is one of the most known apps because it offers easy navigation to the viewers.

You can login to your account for a more personalized experience. The big update also brings the Whispers 2.0 mobile update for a better chat experience.

Twitch Android TV 2

Twitch on Android TV also lets you search for your favorites or new content. You can follow shows, broadcasters, or games so you can be updated at all times. To make it more fun, there’s even an integrated chat experience. With Twitch, feel free to make the most of your TV by watching hi-res videos, thanks to the 1080p/60fps support for Android TV devices.

Learn more about other broadcasters by viewing their VODs. Follow channels and games you want to be updated on. And of course, watch recorded or live videos of esports events, players, and games.

Download Twitch for Android TV from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Twitch