Ever since the threat of Stagefright gripped the Android world, Google has promised to put out monthly security patches that would deal with the numerous vulnerabilities that have been discovered on the platform. These openings would allow malicious hackers to execute commands remotely and get personal data from infected devices. Beginning October 2015, Google has regularly put out security patches – now being renamed as the Android Security Bulletin – that continue to deal with these vulnerabilities.

The monthly security patch is now and in future versions to be called the Android Security Bulletin. There is also a change in presentation – if you will click on the source link below – as the security bulletin now lists whether a vulnerability affects a Nexus device. In this update for the month of May, 24 Nexus vulnerabilities were identified and patched.


The most severe of these vulnerabilities is a critical security vulnerability that enables remote code execution when processing media files, very much in the mold of the Stagefright vulnerability. Aside from this, there are numerous fixes across the board from this update.

It will take around a week or so for most of the Nexus device users to get the update. If you’re feeling a bit impatient, you can download the factory images from the official developer site. Flashing a factory image will wipe out your data, so we suggest that you wait for the OTA update.

SOURCE: Android Security Bulletin