We’re on the second month of the year and so far, so good. At least, if we’re talking about the regularity and timing of Google releasing Android security patches. This isn’t the full Android update but just security patch levels as of February 5, 2017. We learned about the last one straight from LG before the official Google announcement.That’s still a good sign because it meant that Google and OEMs have coordination.

This patch level delivers a fix for a critical security vulnerability. There’s no report yet of remote code execution but to be safe, the Android team wants every user to take on the issue on possible affected devices. This one is released as an over-the-air (OTA) update.

The two security patch level strings include the Partial security patch level string (2017-02-01) and the Complete security patch level string (2017-02-05) being addressed. Eligible Google devices will soon receive OTA update with the latest security patch level.

Here is a list of download and OTA links as shared by 9TO50Google:

• Google Nexus 6P. Android 7.1.1 —N4F26O, NUF26K (Verizon) — Factory Image (2) | OTA (2)
• Google Nexus 5X. Android 7.1.1 — N4F26O — Factory Image | OTA
• Google Nexus 6. Android 7.1.1 — N6F26R, NBD91Y (7.0.0), NBD91Z (ATT)— Factory Image (2) (3) | OTA (2) (3)
• Google Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi). Android 7.1.1 — N4F26Q — Factory Image | OTA
• Google Nexus 9 (LTE). Android 7.1.1 — N4F26Q— Factory Image | OTA
• Google Pixel XL. Android 7.1.1 — NOF26V, NOF26W (Rogers) — Factory Image (2) | OTA (2)
• Google Pixel. Android 7.1.1 — NOF26V, NOF26W (Rogers) — Factory Image (2) | OTA (2)
• Google Pixel C. Android 7.1.1 —N4F26O — Factory Image | OTA

VIA: 9to5Google

SOURCE: Android