Google have released version 0.9 of their Android SDK, with some significant usability, GUI and other improvements.  Key is the replacement of the cluttered program screen, as seen in earlier builds, with a freshly cleared homepage; at the bottom, a new tab pulls up a user-chosen list of shortcuts.

There’s also a new media player application, together with camera software that supports autofocus.  The mapping application, in addition to Street View, also supports pop-up mini-maps in callouts, as in the full desktop version.  In fact the release is looking particularly close to non-beta status (as well it should, being v0.9) and, given the recent news about the HTC Dream clearing the FCC, suggests that the rumored October launch is not at all unlikely.

The build looks as though it has been tweaked for a device with a hardware keyboard.  In one of the screenshots, of the SMS app, you can see the instruction “slide out keyboard to compose message”.

[via PHONE Magazine]

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