Essential Phone Android Q Beta Program

The Android community isn’t sure about the fate of the Essential Phone but we were told an Essential Phone PH-2 may be announced soon. The original model has been receiving regular updates and the latest one is here: Android Q Beta 5. Aside from the Pixel phones, the Essential Phone also receives the latest upgrades before other OEMs get them. The most recent beta version is now available for Essential although the Beta Program app that is under maintenance at the moment.

The Essential team has provided a link to the Android Q Beta Program for the for Essential PH-1 (Essential Phone). The site is where you can officially download system images for the device to test an app, uninstall the Beta version from the same phone, and provide feedback with your Android Q Beta experience.

Do note that Android Q Beta is not for public and general consumer use. It’s a Beta version for the Essential Phone which means there may still be bugs. Expect issues to be present. and some features may also not work properly.

The Android Q Beta for Essential Phone isn’t final. The version isn’t finished yet so remember that customer service or related fixes may not be provided so download at your own risk. Feel free to go back to Android 9 Pie if you think there is a problem you can’t fix or tolerate.

If you’re going to install and uninstall the Beta version, you may have to do a full reset. Data will be erased so make sure you have a backup. Get the Android Q Beta from the Google Play Store.

With the Android Q Beta app, you can download the Android Q Beta 5 version, install Android Q Beta, and give feedback. If you download this version, this means you agree to be an Essential Phone Android Q Beta tester.