Recent insider speculation was talking about how we may begin seeing some Android powered notebooks coming available. That report spoke about how Lenovo is expected to have an 11-inch Yoga notebook running Android available in May and even went on to talk a bit about how Intel has been promoting an Android powered convertible notebook. Well, as of now it looks like we have a bit of detail regarding potential price points.

Diving right in there, it is looking like we may be seeing some record low pricing. Coming by way of statements from Intel executive Dadi Perlmutter, he believes notebooks that are powered by an Intel Atom mobile processor and running Android could drop to around $200. Putting some of these details together and it almost sounds like a netbook. We suspect many remember those.

On the flip side, we also think many would like to forget the netbook. They were smaller in size as compared to a regular notebook and they were often underpowered as compared to a regular notebook. Looking at some of the earlier Eee PC models and we saw netbooks that often ran software that wasn’t Windows. The good part about the netbooks was the price.

The problem here though, despite the lower price, users often still missed the power of a regular and often wanted something more like what they were used to using in terms of software. While Android is wonderful on a smartphone or tablet, it has yet to really prove itself on a full-fledged notebook. That is not to say an Android powered notebook at $200 would not be interesting to see, but we remain skeptical — not only in terms of when we will see these come to market, but also as to how well received they will be by the average user.

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