The Android Pay team has just expanded to a new market. Google’s very own mobile payment service is now available in Brazil and the Czech Republic following its launch in Ukraine, Canada, and Taiwan. Slovakia will soon receive the payment service in the coming weeks. For the Brazilians, you may now start paying wirelessly for goods without having to bring out your wallet or credit card. Just tap your smartphone on a supported terminal and pay and you can be finally and officially be done with shopping.

The goal of Android Pay is always an easier and faster checkout whenever you are in stores or a restaurant. This service can now be enjoyed by some people in Central and Eastern Europe. It’s the same with those living in Brazil, you can expect experiences will be merged like paying for services, buying the groceries, or even paying other people.

The contactless payment game is relatively new in Brazil but we know the Brazilians are excited about this being the first Latin American country to ever receive Android Pay. Expect the contactless payment game will be experienced by more people not only in Brazil but the rest of North America, Europe, and the world.

SOURCE: The Keyword


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