Two years after its official launch, Android Pay is only now reaching Canada. The mobile payment service has been available in the United States but it took the Canadians some time before they can enjoy a more hassle-free shopping. No need to bring your fat wallet. No need to use a credit or debit card either because all you need is your Android phone.

Google has finally launched Android Pay in Canada so you can pay quickly, securely, and more conveniently. Just tap and pay. That’s all you have to do to finish a shopping transaction. Most popular stores and major shops in Canada can now accept Android Pay including Loblaws, Petro-Canada, Tim Hortons, Pizza Pizza, McDonald’s, and Sears Canada. You can also use Android Pay in Rogers, Telus, and Freedom Mobile.

Some Android apps support the mobile payment method so you can use Android Pay to pay for goods and services including Uber, Lululemon, HotelTonight, and Ritual.

Android Pay is also now available in Taiwan. Those who live in the country can now “tap and pay” while shopping at Carrefour, Watsons, or PX Mart. You can also now check out using Android Pay in apps and websites such as CrazyMike. To get more loyalty points, you can link your HappyGo cards to your Android Pay account so shopping will be more delightful and rewarding in Taiwan. If you’re in the country now for the Computex, continue geeking out with Android Pay.

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