So even if the world still hasn’t come to appreciate Android Oreo in all its Oreo goodness, Google is moving right along with the development of Android P. From the last release of Android distribution numbers, Oreo has just barely broken 1% of the whole Android user market. That said, Google still has a schedule to follow, and serial leaker Evan Blass says that the first developer preview for Android P could be available by mid-March. Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

There have been more and more rumors about Android P in the past few weeks and it has to be getting the Android fans all excited. There have been leaks about the new features that we might find on Android P, although none of the people have come close to the awesomeness of our preferred official name – Android Peppermint. Take a look at Evan Blass’s tweet below.

If Android P Developer Preview 1 would roll out mid-March, there’s a big possibility that Google might take advantage of Pi Day (3.14) – or March 14, which is 3/14 for the uninitiated. Pi Day is a cool day for nerds, geeks, and Android aficionados the world over, and it would be that tad bit more cool if Google was to roll out Android P DP1 on that day.

Of course, the official public launch is still months away, probably in Q3 of this year. And in the months coming up to that, we will probably see a few updates to the developer preview before it becomes stable.

SOURCE: @evleaks