Right on CES Eve, the night before CES 2011 starts, Notion Ink posts a new video demo. That’s totally crazy. This demo is the most confusing of the pack thus far, with broken English throughout the whole video about Portrait Mode, playing some flash video – from YouTube? Take a peek at it below.

This video show the browser in portrait mode. They say that most of the apps you’ll be using where you read a lot that portrait mode will be enabled. But… the video is in landscape mode? So… Just take a look. Tell us if you can figure out what’s going on here.

[Via Notion Ink]


  1. Can you upload ‘portrait mode’ videos to youtube?

    Adam fans had been demanding to show how the portrait mode runs on it, and now NI have uploaded a video. I think more details and professional quality videos will become available once the tablet is released at the CES.

  2. Hello McFly…

    1. This video was posted on January 1. Not one the Eve of CES (which is January 5).

    2. There is no sound, so no broken english… Unless of course you are referring to the text notes typed on the screen during the video.

    3. The video was posted as a quick extra in response to lots of requests to see the browser run in portrait mode.

    4. If you really need someone to explain what it is… It simply shows th3 browser in portrait mode, the ability to play flash videos very smoothly while remaining very responsive, and a few other browser features like page info, etc.

    In my mind, This short video clip accomplishes two things. It further demonstrates Notion Ink Adam’s awesome processing power and capability (other tablets choke when trying to run flash, etc), and it shows how much Rohan Shravan (CEO of Notion Ink) is committed to listening to what people are asking for and how he tries to respond and fulfill those requests when he can.

    I don’t know of any other company that has been as open and has had as much communication with with the public as Notion Ink.

    Rohan has been extremely busy with the Adam launch being just days away, and not always able to respond to everyone as he has in the past. Nor has he been able do all the things he said he has wanted to do (like post specific videos or show certain things on his blog) because of time constraints and pressure/restriction by investors, etc.

    While occasionally not being able to do what he has said he would do has cause a little grief at times, the open communication (both providing information AND sincerely listening to what everyone had to say) has gone a long way in building trust and a strong following for Notion Ink.

    When you add that to the fact that the Adam is the best tablet available and how awesome the Eden UI is, well lets just say “let the revolution begin”. I predict Notion Ink will be very successful in spite of the hard road they have traveled to get to where they are today. Many others would and have given up long before now. That also speaks volumes for Rohan and Notion Ink!

    With that said, I can’t wait for the public announcements and unveiling at CES. And I really can’t wait for my Adam tablet to show up at my door soon!

  3. I do not understand what the problem is here. This ‘video’ is actually a screen capture using HDMI cable. So the portrait mode you see is what was displayed on the tablet. If you rotated the tablet 90 degrees, you don’t need to crane your neck to see whats going on.

    I am wondering if that is the same way you look at your phone when it is in portrait mode 😀

  4. 🙂 😀 I had to read about portrait and Landscape mode before i could understand this post.
    Guess Greg covered all the points..
    m still thinking why youtube (n yt video) is in landscape, silly. 🙂

  5. I have been unable to find any information about Notion Ink or Adam on the CES website. They don’t seem to have a booth. I check the Nvidia sight, but didn’t find any information there either.

  6. This is confusing, is this guy supposed tell us what is going on or is it the job of the readers.
    The video was put up in top secret blog which can only be found by searching on a even more secret search engine called Google. When you reach the blog you have more hoops to jump you see the blog is in the top secret code called “Broken English” known only to a few tens of thousands of followers of the blog. Readers please help me save the free world! I must dechiper this video and the blog! You must shoulder the burden to keep freedom alive!!! I must know why they went ‘Crazy’ and released the video on the eve of CES.

  7. I think there is some serious competition between these online publications…

    with everybody trying to outsmart other online publications…

    They are providing real time news, without any in depth analysis (like tom’s hardware or anandtech*)

    and funnily enough they have all pounced upon Notion Ink, which like a tortoise just born… is trying to make it to the seas…

    *I am not related to anandtech, though we share names

  8. I think, ironically,the author of this post requires few tutorials in English. I could point out a few glaring mistakes
    1) Right on CES Eve, the night before CES 2011 starts, : redundant usage, even though its wrong as Greg pointed out
    2)Notion Ink posts a new video demo. That’s totally crazy. : it should be ” and its totally crazy rather than a full stop and then a stand alone sentence, thats totally crazy
    3)This video show the browser in portrait mode : shows rather than show
    4) They say that most of the apps you’ll be using where you read a lot that portrait mode will be enabled. : its pretty obvious, do I need to point out?

    Four mistakes in six lines, that is impressive and I am not even an expert.
    Infact I am an Indian.


    What confuses you? I don’t get what you are saying. Please explain and perhaps I can help you to understand what is going on in the video.

  10. If you want an example of “broken English” (especially while criticizing someone else), read the article again –

    “This video show the browser in portrait mode. They say that most of the apps you’ll be using where you read a lot that portrait mode will be enabled.”

    and more punctuation mistakes! (Of course I assume you only know “American English”.)

  11. @DYLAN There is no content in your article other than “tells what you think of this video”. You want to be a reporter – report something… you are firing blanks.


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