Android Oreo is arriving on the Essential Phone. The first beta version was released last month and after more than a month, the second beta is ready to roll out. Specifially, this is build OPM1.170911.213 which includes a number of new features and bug fixes. The new beta includes picture-in-picture plus smart text selection among others. If you own an Essential Phone and have tried the first beta version, you may be receiving the OTA or alert any day now.

Feel free to update your Essential Phone to Android Oreo Beta manually. The Essential team has provided the file images on its website. No need to wipe the device completely as long as you follow Essential’s instructions.

Remember, all beta versions may still be full of bugs and issues. You may experience a number of kinks so it’s up to you if you want to try and help out with testing and development. Try the Oreo Beta and decide if you want to continue. You can always download and revert to your previous version.

The Essential team requests that you send your observations via the online form. They’re not promising immediate response or troubleshooting but your participation is much appreciated. Such is “essential” for a new phone like the Essential Phone to become successful.

SOURCE: Essential


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