A few weeks after Google I/O 2016 where they announced Android N Developer Preview 3, the 4th preview was launched, and a new “feature” left a bad taste among the die-hard Android fans who were beta testing Android N. The toggling of the WiFi and Bluetooth from quick settings was gone, you could no longer quick tap on it to turn these settings on or off, which was a pretty big change. Fortunately, Google has listened to our cries and is bringing back the old toggle behavior.

The new behavior in Android N Developer Preview 4 was a bit mind-boggling. In DP4, quick tapping on the WiFi and Bluetooth tiles will immediately open up the settings to add or modify your WiFi or Bluetooth connections, something that a long press would do in the versions before. Google said that that most users only turn WiFi or Bluetooth on or off once in a while, and going in to select a new Bluetooth device is an action taken more often.


Of course, after nearly 1600 stars in the issue tracker, Google finally relented and announced that the toggles to turn WiFi and Bluetooth on and off will be brought back, thank the Android gods. According to a project member posting on the issue tracker, the development team will fix the issue. Chalk this up as a win for the beta testers.

If you’re still using DP4, this means it will be fixed on the next developer preview. You’ll have to wait until the next month or so to have the behavior fixed completely. Oh well.

VIA: Android Police