We announced that the newest update to the Android N Developer Preview just rolled out recently, and now we’re looking at an omitted feature in the preview that might impact the way Android users use the Quick Settings drawer. Apparently, Android has done away with the WiFi and Bluetooth toggles in Developer Preview 4, which is to say, you can’t turn those setting on or off with a quick tap no more.

In Developer Preview 4, quick tapping on those settings will immediately open up the settings to add or modify your WiFi or Bluetooth connections, something that a long press would do in the versions before. Google says that most users only turn WiFi or Bluetooth on or off once in a while, and going in to select a new Bluetooth device is an action taken more often.


In our experience, this is not a true assumption at all. Most users we know will have their WiFi and Bluetooth connections sorted out – I have one WiFi for home, one for work. Also, I have set my regular Bluetooth connections pretty much solid. A quick tap to turn these settings on or off is still needed because these elements, especially Bluetooth, actually affect battery consumption, and the wiser Android users always turns these settings off when not in use to conserve power.

The issue is now active on the Android AOSP Issue Tracker, and over 500 users seem to agree that this was the wrong course of action. Head on over there to make yourself heard on this issue, because like you, we also need this issue sorted out.

VIA: SlashGear