We don’t know if this will be the final Android N Developer Preview update before the new version of Android – still looking for an official name, mind you – launches later this year. That said, the factory images for the Android N Developer Preview 4 are out, and those in the official beta program can wait for their updates OTA. On a more important note, the final Android N SDK is out, and this means all APIs for the new version of Android have been finalized, so app developers can now start getting their apps finalized for Android N as well.

First up, if you’re one of those people who signed up for the Android N Developer Preview beta program, the updates are now out and should reach you OTA pretty soon. If you’re itching to go for it, factory images are available, but remember, flashing a factory image usually means wiping your device clean. Better to wait for the OTA.


As for the new features, we have a few. First up, the APIs for Android N seem to have been finalized already in this version, so the newest Android SDK will give developers the final taste of getting their apps ready for Android N. There’s also an Easter egg in there with the “Namey McNameface” joke you’ve all heard about, and there’s also a screenshot-friendly “demo mode” that shows no notifications and icons on the status bar, with the time set to 7:00 – for perfect screenshots.


We hope this is the last developer preview update, although we can’t make promises on that. There might be a fifth update soon, so don’t take our hopes to the bank. What is final are the APIs, so good news for app developers. The factory images are available at the official download site.

SOURCE: Google