A recently published report from Opera Mediaworks is showing record growth in mobile advertising as well as Android being on the rise. The report is showing information from Q4 2012 and taking the data from an advertising platform that is currently serving up more than 50 billion ad impressions per month across a network of 12,000 mobile sites and apps.

To begin with, this report shows Q4 2012 as being a “record quarter.” In fact, they are touting this quarter as having “more than a two-times increase in impressions and revenue to publishers compared to any other quarter in 2012.” Of course, it was said that this can be associated with the impact of the holiday shopping season.

Touching on the Android side, it is said to be on the rise and as having been influenced by the adoption of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Yes, another report telling us that Samsung (and in this case, the Galaxy S III) are key in terms of Android. Still, while Android and the Galaxy S III are doing well, it was said that iOS is still on top in terms of monetization. Not letting iOS have all the glory though, Android smartphones did edge out the iPhone by 2 percent in terms of the market share of global impression volume.

Other goodies from the report show that music, video and media are the top categories in terms of impressions with 21.4 percent. On the flip side of the most impressions, the report notes that entertainment proved more valuable and earned “slightly” more revenue overall. Furthermore, the report details “significant growth” from the Russian Federation which is said to be the result of Android device adoption. Aside from the growth in the Russian Federation, it was also shown that North American requests dropped due to the growth of international traffic.

[via SlashGear]