While this may be a somewhat obvious statement for some, it seems Samsung is currently dominating in terms of Android devices being used. In fact, based on a recent report from Localytics, Samsung currently holds eight out of the top ten devices currently in use. Taking that a step further and this report also goes to show the success of the Galaxy Note — a device that many felt was a bit on the large side for everyday use.

This report has just been released and shows the “top 10 Android devices by users” for January 2013. You can see the chart sitting below, however the clear tops are the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy S II. Coincidentally, these two devices recently switched places. According to data coming from the December 2012 report, the Galaxy S II had been on top just one month back. Still, with 9.2 percent for the Galaxy S III and 8.2 percent for the Galaxy S II — it remains pretty close.


The two devices that are not from Samsung include the Kindle Fire which is sitting in the seventh position with 1.7 percent and the Droid RAZR which is in ninth with 1.3 percent. The Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II appear to be sitting comfortably in the fourth and fifth spots with 2.6 and 2.0 percent respectively.

In total though, the report shows Samsung as accounting for 47 percent of Android devices being use worldwide. For comparison sake, Samsung also had the same 47 percent in December 2012. Despite Samsung dominating the overall device usage, they do not currently hold the top spot in terms of Android tablet usage. For this category the number one position goes to Amazon with the Kindle Fire at 37 percent.

[via Forbes]



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