As Google I/O keeps rolling along and we keep watching the sessions live, we are getting more and more exciting news as the day goes on. Almost to much to take all in. You can watch it all live here, or just keep checking out for all the latest news. Today they talked about the Android Market a bit, and about the changes we can all expect to see soon. We just saw a brand new Android Market running on a Nexus S that looked strikingly similar to Honeycomb’s Android Market, could it be Ice Cream Sandwich or just an updated market app?

From looking at the image above you can see what I mean, with the bar on top and the little share symbol on the right next to the dedicated search button. Even the market icon on the top left looks exactly like Honeycomb. This is called the “Context Menu” in Honeycomb and you can click that top left market icon to take you back to the homepage of the market if needed. It is all very smooth and makes things very easy for on-screen actions. See my image below to compare it with the Xoom and Honeycomb.

Could that Nexus S used at Google I/O on stage be running on a version of Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android that is coming soon? See more details on that here. Or is it simply just the updated market apk that we will probably be seeing across many devices in the coming weeks or months? For now we don’t know, as they didn’t talk on it specifically. I personally really enjoy the look and feel of the Android Market on 3.0 Honeycomb and can’t wait for Android 2.3 and 3.1 to be mashed together into one beautiful “Sandwich” that we will all call Ice Cream Sandwich, or ICS, or Android 2.4

Stay tuned for more!