As you probably know by now, Apple monitors which applications can go into the app store, and a lot of them get shot down before they are given a chance. The most recent app to get shut down wasn’t some crazy, virus app, but merely a magazine app. You are probably wondering why a magazine might get shot down by apple, well it was the content of the magazine. No, it wasn’t a porn magazine or anything else containing mature content, but one about Android!

The CEO of Media Provider, a small magazine publisher located in Denmark, said that because the magazine was about Android, it wasn’t allowed into the app store. Here is his conversation with an apple rep.

“So what’s the problem?” Dixon asked, knowing full well what the problem was.
“You know… your magazine,” replied the Apple rep, who identified himself only as Richard. “It’s just about Android…. we can’t have that in our App Store.”

Even if the app had been approved, I doubt anyone would have found it. Now because of this incident, it will get a lot of free publicity.

Via [MediaWatch]


  1. Eventually it will be Apple’s insecurity and greed that will get them thrown out of the game. Why does it bother them that there are other developers besides themselves contributing to the internet and to the internet market? And how will another’s product affect Apple in ways other than from fair competition? Doesn’t Apple just offer “the best in home and small business computer products”? Looks like Apple seems to be worried a lot lately about competition and their confidence isn’t exactly at it’s best. This is, unfortunately, a pretty good sign of future times. A red flag to say the least, of Apple’s control that will eventually spiral out of control.

  2. Does anyone expect Android to put an app about Apple or iPhone in their market?
    Think before you speak against a company’s right to do what they want to do.

  3. Apple’s insecurity? Greed? Mila, you must be one of those Apple haters/idiots. Why should Apple allow crapp into their own App store? It has no value whatsover to the Apple folks.

    Apple has nothing to worry about since NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE will EVER come close to iOS.

    To put this in perspective for you: Has any one beaten the iPod, iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro, Air? and the list goes on and on.

    Stop it already with your hating crap just because you are a trailer trash Democrat and the only thing you can afford is Android or MS crapps.

    Yep, I am an Apple Fanboy with more money than you have.

  4. Yes I agree.

    Apple haters are trailer-trash Democrat, Obama supporters. Apple Fanboys are Republican and highly educated who appreciate quality

  5. Hahaha I do hope Joe is being sarcastic. If he is not he is probably one of those pretend to be rich but not really rich, house, car, tv, furniture,all on payments kind of person. Just because you have an iphone does not make you rich lmao.

  6. Big Brother Steve’s “Ministry of Information” department is simply censoring out what they don’t want the masses to read. Just another reason why I don’t buy into the Apple ecosystem.

  7. LMAO @Vasette and Joe… The “perceived” notion that you somehow have money because you’ve purchased overpriced Apple products has me on the floor in hysterics… Noticed I didn’t use the word expensive as that would infer that they are somehow worth the asking price. Unless you bought your iPhone at the off contract price of $599 or $699 (and who would), then you probably paid the $199 that everyone else pays for a smartphone these days. That hardly makes you rich…and the phone unaffordable.

    Hence the well propagated myth that anything with an Apple logo on it is nothing more than a mere status symbol and is the reason I quickly dismiss it as such. My second bit of concern clearly points to people who bring up Politics when discussing electronic devices. These people have very few or no friends (read: “0”)and a small dick or both. No, sorry… your iPad WILL NOT get you pussy. Believe me I’ve seen it being tried in a Barnes&Noble. Pathetic.. It’s a phone, not a way of life. Chicks do not dig your insipid smugness just because you have an iPad.

    It’s considered “trendy” for you hipsters who prefer people to tell you what you should do with things you own. Sort of like your need for your Mother to tell you to clean your room after you realize that maybe she was right. Meaning, you lack direction and must be told what to do and want to “fit in”. But, I digress… It’s a magazine people. What are you afraid of??

    As an aside, I’m a Black Male… a registered Republican and I didn’t vote for Obama. Next profile…??

  8. Dear retards,

    Do you even understand that it is YOUR phone, apple sold it to you, and since apple does not allow alternative stores, it should allow all non offensive content in the only store, you guys are fit to live in Nazi Germany or communist china and sing praises of Hitler or chairman Mao.

  9. Omg well said Drew!

    I weighed the pro’s and con’s of an iPhone versus the Droid. I even reheard the rumors that iPhones will be coming to Verizon. I REFUSE to go to ATT… their coverage sucks.

    I know what an iPhone is like… its like an iTouch. Wow big deal. I LOVE my droid X. It is phenomenal. Took a little getting used to working it but IMO is far superior to having an iTouch with a phone built in. I guess if you aren’t smart enough to work a Droid, maybe you are better off with the iPhone.

  10. @Joe, “NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE will EVER come close to iOS” is very true. It is now a ‘Been There, Done That’ and is no longer cutting edge. It cannot expand/grow to anything beyond Apples’ own limitations, which had already been reached.

    @Drew, wow sir, just wow! Soo truthful. +100

  11. Please don’t forget that competition is necessary for both of those products (iOS and Android).

    Apple makes great stuff. Google makes great stuff. They are just different, and satisfying slightly different markets. Make your choice, and be happy knowing that the competitor is there to make your choice better over time.

  12. Wow, thanks for all the wisdom expressed, especially by Drew, et al. Politics and income are irrelevant to the conversation. Iphone and Android phones both serve the people who use them well (because if they don’t people can switch eventually). As a staunch Google Fangirl, i choose Android (since the G1). I don’t need to bash the competition — competition keeps all phones fresh! Not allowing a magazine into the app store speaks for itself. No amount of defense, no matter how comical, changes that reality.

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