Android M Moon Pie Milkshake Malt Ball

We’ve all been waiting for Android M. The Developer Preview may have rolled out and updated the next mobile platform already but we have yet to know what ‘M’ really stands for. I am personally rooting for ‘Muffin’ because it’s one yummy dessert but the Android team recently posted a teaser photo on Twitter. It seems the choices are down to three: Moon Pie, Milkshake, and Malt Ball.

So no Muffin. That’s fine. We just need to wait and see which one is our next dessert. Personally, I wanna snack on Malt Ball but Android Malt Ball sounds weird. Android Milkshake? Sounds okay. Android Moon Pie. Also sounds good.

I’m guessing it’s gonna be Moon Pie and that Google will be partnering with the Moon Pie brand as it did with KitKat. Just imagine the numerous marketing strategies Google can draw when it strikes a deal with Moon Pie.

Android Moon Pie

If ‘M’ stands for Malt Ball, Google could very well partner with Maltesers. Android Maltesers? Sweet. Maybe even sweeter than KitKat.

Android Maltesers

How about Android Milkshake? I’m already anticipating a lot of “My milkshake brings all the phones boys to the yard…” jokes if Google decides on that. But you know, it can be another catchy marketing strategy.

Android Milkshake

These are just three of the possible desserts Google could be serving us. More possible names were presented: Mocha, Madeleine, Macadamia Brittle, Marshmallow, Macaroon, Muffin, Meringue, M&M, Marzipan, Mousse, Maple Syrup, Molten Chocolate Cake, Mango Lassi, or Milk Duds. (Try saying Android + dessert and see if it sounds good.)

So what’s Android M gonna be? Maybe Google wants to hear from the public and just wants to know the feedback, jokes, and criticisms first. What do you think?

SOURCE: Android