The latest update to our favorite mobile OS has only been here a few weeks, and we’re already starting to see signs of the next version by Google. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean was announced and released two weeks ago by Google on their new Nexus 7 tablet, but we’re also expecting to see the next major update to Android this year. That being the “K” release.

Following their usual alphabetical order for updates, named after tasty deserts, Android Jelly Bean is soon to be replaced by what most believe will be 4.5 or 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Well, today we’re seeing our first glimpse of that actually out in the wild. A Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 both have been spotted over at the Chromium Bug tracker running a brand new, never seen version of Android.

Just like all build versions of Gingerbread started with G, and latest updates like Android 4.3 Jelly Bean started with J (like JWR66V and JSS15J) latest information has revealed a set of devices running Android version KRS36B, with the K being the important part here. This is the next version of Android, which is rumored to bring some major design overhauls into our world.

Whether it ends up being Android 4.4, or bumped up to Android 5.0 one this is for sure, the next version of Android will start with a K. It’s been basically confirmed as Key Lime Pie, but anything is possible until Google makes it official. We’ve heard nothing but rumors at this point, and were expecting KLP to arrive at Google I/O in May, which obviously didn’t happen, so this is rather exciting.


Hopefully we’ll see a new version of Android Key Lime Pie running on a Nexus 5 come this October. Which would replace the LG Nexus 4 that hit the streets last year around the same time. That’s our guess.

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  1. I still don’t understand all this hype about a “Nexus 5”. I don’t want nor need a 5″ display on my main device – Motorola understands this need with the X. Also, I haven’t seen any ACTUAL credible leaks regarding the next Nexus having a 5″ display.

    A new Nexus 4 is more likely.

      • True. But look at the Nexus 7 and 10 – directly correlated to screen size. And they also didn’t change the number for the new Nexus 7; they simply call it the Nexus 7.

        I think they are planning on keeping that scheme in the future. But that’s just IMHO! 😀

      • yes. but those are tablets.
        so many android tablet names have the screen size incorporated into the name.

        phones on the other hand do not. they seem to more follow a linear type naming scheme(droid, droid 2, droid 3, droid 4….etc..)

        this is why i assume nexus 5 doesnt necessarily mean 5 inch screen.

        though a 5inch screen wouldnt be as bad as some may think. depending on the size of the bezel. if it was edge to edge display(or almost nearly) it would actually fit very nicely in hand. it all depends on design. and i feel google has been getting VERY good at designing “comfortable” devices lately.

      • Good point. I definitely have to agree with you on Google’s design aesthetic and feel. They know how to make a comfortable device any day of the week.

        As for naming; looking at the new Nexus 7 compared to the Nexus 10 and the old Nexus 7, it looks like Google is trying to create a more cohesive design paradigm (the device backing; they adopted a very similar look and feel across both devices). I’m expecting similar from the new Nexus phone; I’m just extrapolating that if they keep the same physical design across devices, they’ll keep the same naming scheme.

        Then again, the fifth Nexus phone… Android’s fifth birthday, fifth version of Android; the Nexus 5 is definitely a possibility. Especially considering a 5″ display COULD be done in a reasonable form factor.

      • one thing im surprised that hasnt been asked for (especially after nexus4 “slippery issue”) more often is some kind of ‘slip resistant’ back to the device.
        i think i could come to enjoy a ‘rubber/grippy’ type of back. i think it would feel great in hand if designed right as well.(if thats what theyve already done on new nexus7 then whoops disregard that hahaha. i know the first nexus7 i really liked the kind of back casing used. it had a grippy sort of feel to it)

        i have a feeling that whatever google decides to do with their next phone design/implementation is going to be pretty damn solid. whether it be a 5inch display, 4.5 inch display, or hell even a choice between a larger display vs smaller(tho i cant see google doing that for a Nexus development type device…offering different hardware for one release of a device…a guy can dream tho right? hahaha)

      • yea, if i remember correctly tho, the nexus7 felt more grippy to me.

        love my Gnex too, has just enough grip on it i agree, still hoping (from what i saw in” leaked” photo of the 5) that it’s going to have that grippy backing 😀

    • I would be on board if they followed Moto’s lead on keeping the size of the bezels down. If they did that, you would have a 5″ screen in a device no bigger than the Nexus 4

      • Google devices are named by their screen size…not the generation of device. Nexus 7 is a 7.x inch screen, Nexus 10.x is a ten inch screen, Nexus 4 is a 4.x screen. That’s their naming convention. It’s different than say how Apple or Samsung names their devices where they keep increasing the # to represent the generation of device. Get it?

      • Judging by what you wrote, android 1.0 had to come with a 1inch screen. Prior to nexus 4, no other device had that naming scheme. The nexus 4 was indeed the 4th device. The nexus 5 might as well follow a line-up of tablet devices named “nexus 8” and “nexus 11/12”

  2. it might come with better specs like the nexus 7 but according to the verge Google want be releasing a major overhaul until 2015

    • Verge is wrong. No way Google will wait OVER a year for a major overhaul. KLP might not be a massive change, but we’ll see one in 2014 if it isn’t. No way they’ll wait til 2015

  3. Oh lawd, here we go with more talk of KLP…I honestly don’t get why some people get wrapped up in rumors (yes, until any of this information is official they’re rumors at best) then get get disappointed when the rumors don’t pan out. Hype, rumors, etc, are all distractions IMHO. Distractions from what depends on the person. For me they used to be distractions from what’s current and you can take that to mean anything you want.


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