At Google I/O in the very first keynote at on the very first day was a gigantic announcement set including no less than Ice Cream Sandwich being revealed in bits. The biggest best piece of this announcement was of course the logo – seen here and in the video below. What else does this new version of Android include? Not much thus far, most of the features being noted as available for Android 3.1 Honeycomb now, more than likely moving on with ICS down the line.

See this video for the super fancy logo reveal and stick with us in the heat of the melting sandwich for additional bits. Check with our Google IO 2011 tag at for all the info you could possible desire. This is just the first of many announcements that’ll be made during this conference, not the least of them to be sure.

[vms 2ef67f98f3558c282a9c]

Note: regardless of what you may have heard, not a whole heck of a lot was revealed about Ice Cream Sandwich in this first Google I/O keynote. The logo was revealed, sure, but on the whole, it seemed more like a candy cane than a whole Christmas dinner, if you know what I mean. At least we’ll be able to update our forum marker image!

DOUBLE Note: Take a look at everything that WAS detailed in as severe an amount of detail as you could possible want in our Big Ice Cream Sandwich Post.