Even the most ardent of iOS evangelists can’t argue with Android’s worldwide success, to the tune of a full 50% sales market share as of last quarter. It looks like developers, specifically in the IT area, are taking notice. When IBM gave a survey to IT pros on which platform they were more interested in, Android won by a landslide, beating out both Apple and Microsoft in their relevant areas.

That’s very interesting, given that it’s also undeniable that there’s more money to be made in direct sales on iOS (at the moment, at least). Android is beating out iOS by a solid 20%, though responders were able to answer for more than one platform in the survey. 70% of responders said they were interested in developing for Android, while 49% were interested in iOS. Just 35% were interested in Windows Phone 7, though to be honest, even that’s a little surprising given its market share at the moment.

IBM is an interesting one to make the conclusions it does in the survey, namely that “Developers looking to increase their mobile skills would be smart to look to Android.” Remember that IBM is no longer producing consumer-level hardware – Lenovo now owns the ThinkPad brand, and they’ve produced several Android tablets under their IdeaPad brand. The IBM study just serves to highlight what you, dear reader, already know: Android is crushing it in the app world as well as hardware.

[via BGR]


  1. Android has every reason to rejoice this year, but look for next year – it will be a different ballgame knowing how mess up the OS is. Notice your wacko graph above, and I don’t know where you salvaged your data. But if you’re referring to IDC report (have’t seen IBM released pool), Windows 7 is not the same as Windows Phone 7. So get your data straight because WP7 has a dramatic rise that will give Android turds run for their money.

    • I know the difference between Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7. “Phone” isn’t listen in the graphic, but it’s clearly delineated in the story.  Also, the link in the first paragraph shows exactly where I “salvaged my data from” – the study funded by IBM.

      I really wish more people would take the time to read stories before posting comments. Also, I really wish a lot more people were better at reading.

      • thats one thing i think apple really should sort out.. I want to create a app… I have a Android phone and would like it to be on android. But im a .net developer and so building a windows 7 phone app would be easy for me… and I also appricated the market for a iphone app… ideally I would like to develop my app for all three but that would mean getting hackintosh or a mac for the iphone app… I shouldn’t have to do that! 

  2. Wow a survey by IBM concluded that? That cannot be biased now can it? Considering that an o erwhelming 80% of developers (not just IT developers) prefer IOS since there is much less fragmentation and screen sizes involved. That sud wy says nothing until Android proves that it can be the preffered platform of the suits. For now it’s IOS by a landslide. Just look at the percentage of the fortune 500 companies using an idevice.


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