Not long ago we told users that Facebook was probably not going to join MySpace in the Android Market because of the relationship with Google. There were even claims that Facebook executives were saying such things as “Android sucks, it doesn’t matter.”

Little did we know that there was a Facebook application being worked on at the time. Now adults who do not believe in MySpace can get in on all the social networking action on their Android-powered handset. fBook is the first Facebook application to hit the Android Market. Facebook did not actually create this application; it was the guys over at Next Mobile Web.

They say this application is a wrapper that not only optimizes the Facebook iPhone web application, but also fixes all the problems associated with it. It appears to be the same as going to on your browser, but with the addition of picture uploading and push capabilities integrated into the phone itself.   I wonder what the guys over at Facebook are going to have to say about this.