HTC devices like the Nexus One, EVO, and more like the Flyer have helped them fly past and exceed not only Nokia, but also RIMs market cap. This is good news for our devoted Android handset maker. Our source mentions they have grown over 30 times their value over the last 5 years to a whopping $33.88 billion. That is compared to Nokia’s $32.85 bn, and RIM’s slowly lowering $28.5 bn.

Something tells me a very large part of that comes from HTC jumping on the Android train that is now in full throttle. HTC has been in a frenzy releasing every top level phone they could. Starting with the lovely G1 years ago, that started it all for their rise to the top. It’s exciting really, and now we have new entrants like LG that look to tap into that same potential if they can. We can’t forget how the Droid basically saved Motorola from there RAZR days.

I’m still not sure what RIM has, or plans to do but their somewhat “smartphones” have been on the down as of late. Nokia’s recent partner with Windows for the Windows Phone 7 project could turn out really well for them. This is still a very new platform and things are uncertain. We will be here as it all unfolds, but for now it looks like things will only get better for HTC as they release things like the upcoming HTC Sensation, the EVO 3D. So keep your eyes out, I know we are.

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