The number of malware apps for the Android smartphone and tablet users to contend with is growing all the time. Some of the malware seeks to make money charging for bogus services and some wants to do other things like record your calls. CNET reports that a new report from Lookout shows that Android users are twice as likely to run across malware today compared to six months ago. The figures are based on detection rates from Lookout users on Android.

Lookout provides free and paid Android security apps to protect users. Lookout estimates that 500,000 people were affected by Android malware in the first half of 2011. The most common malware threats for Android users include DroidDream and GGTracker. DroidDream was inside over 80 apps with different version of the malware.

GGTracker is thought to be the first malware that actually steals money from users. It steals the money by signing the user up for premium text services at $10 per service up to as much as $50 per service. The report also outlines a type of attack most probably never suspect. The user can download a legitimate app that does nothing to start with. When the app is automatically, updated malware is added that compromises the device.

[via CNET]