Last month’s Android distribution numbers saw the first dip in Marshmallow usage, and that dip is confirmed in this month’s numbers. Nougat usage continued growing, we should still see the same for this month. But also say hello to Android Oreo, which shows up in the numbers for the first time this month.

Android Marshmallow continues to be the most used Android version (32%), but the small dip last month is confirmed again for this month by a .2 percent decrease in users – Marshmallow is well and truly on its way down. Lollipop follows second (27.7%) but is also continuing to dip. Nougat usage continues to grow from last month’s 15.8% to this month’s 17.8%.

Android Oreo finally shows up in the numbers, breaking the limits at 0.2% usage as of this time. Expect that number to continue growing and gain momentum. At the bottom of the pile, Gingerbread and Jelly Bean keep holding on at 0.6% each, but it’s only a matter of time now.

Will Oreo start growing as fast as Nougat did? That’s something we can try to observe with the numbers as we hit the homestretch of 2017.

SOURCE: Google