Last month, July’s Android Distribution numbers saw Android Nougat break double digits in percentage for the first time in less than a year after its launch, hinting at a very fast integration for Android’s latest and greatest version. August’s numbers show a steady increase in user numbers for both Nougat and Marshmallow, while everything else is on a downward trend.

At this point, Android Marshmallow is still king of the Android hill, taking over 32% of all Android users in the market. This means that Android Lollipop is starting to see a decline in numbers, with over 29% of all Android users – down from last month’s over 30% – but is still second overall. Android KitKat is still third at 16%, goind down from last month’s 17%.

Android Nougat increases to a 13.5% share of all Android users, up by more than 2% from last month’s numbers. Google will be glad for the quick integration of Nougat to more users, as this improves not only user experience but also the ease of updating versions in terms of logistics.

Meanwhile Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich remain at 0.7% market share each. It should only take a couple more months until we say goodbye to these legacy versions, but as of now, they are in their last throes of life.

SOURCE: Android