Last month’s Android distribution numbers marked the first appearance of Android Oreo in the table, which meant that it was the first time users of the new Android version accounted for more than 0.1% of all Android users. It will be a long and slow climb for Oreo to be the dominant version, but Android Nougat is fast getting to that place.

The king of the hill is still Android Marshmallow, and at least one of every three Android users are actively using Marshmallow. Android Lollipop comes next, with 27.2% of the market still using the 3-year old Android version. Nougat is now the third most used Android version, jumping another 3 percentage points to get to around 20% of all Android users.

For the older versions, users of Android Kitkat still comprise around 13% of all users. It’s still a slow decline for Android Jelly Bean (6.2%), and Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Android Gingerbread are barely holding on for dear life (0.5%).

As more new phones are sold in this year’s holiday season, we can expect Android Oreo usage to get a major boost by the end of the year and into January of next year. Nougat usage will continue to rise as it becomes the dominant version from the end of 2017 and into Q1 of 2018.

SOURCE: Google