Last time we spoke about this lovely Mickey Mouse branded phone, we didn’t know all that much about it. Now we’ve got a bit of a tip from a fellow named Paul.F who has shown us the way to the official Disney Phone homepage in Japan. This is the DM009SH, previously believed to be a re-branded version of the Galapagos 003SH, this one appears to be not all that far off point. This is Disney’s first Android smartphone (and indeed their first smartphone period, if you want to think of it that way,) all previous models being lower-tier flipphones and other tiny products. Here’s the big mouse.

From what we understand on the Japanese introduction page, it appears that the following can be accepted as truth as far as specs go:

3.8 LCD Touchscreen with no-glasses 3D capability (this follows, as Galapagos 003SH is said to be working on the same functionality)
Mickey Mouse Ears/Disney Mobile branding on front and back
Official Disney Widgets for weather, time, texting, Mixi, Twitter, and more
Official Disney branded apps like Mail, Camera, Calendar, Txt Messenger and more
• Custom emoticons in messenger/txt messenging
• Stamp/Character creator allows you to decorate photos with Disney bits
• Calendar features lovely new Disney month-based illustrations
Specifically noted to be made for “adult women” though I can think of at least one male adult in the room I’m in right now who wouldn’t mind taking a look at it
Official Disney live wallpaper with changing daylight, fireworks at 8:30 PM and AM, just like at several Disney locations around the world
Several custom desktop replacements(!) that allow you to choose wallpaper, icons, searchbar, and dock
Special Disney App portal for what we only can assume are additional custom Disney apps
Flash 10.1 Enabled
Android 2.2 Froyo
Personalized address
Headphone jack
3G connectedness
What appears to be mobile currency payments – NFC?

You also appear to be able to choose one alternate case for your phone if you wish, or if you’d like several you can purchase them from the official online shop. These cases are named: White Monogram, Pink Monogram, Gold Monogram, Wonderland, Minnie Dot, and Minnie Garden.

BONUS take a peek at the official promo video:

And have a peek at the gallery of screenshots from the presentation site:

What do you think? Will you “Touch the Magic?”



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