What does that even mean, you might ask? It means that they all downloaded the app that’d allow one giant image to cross all of their screens, creating one giant screen, at once! This is the biggest matrix of mobile phone in the history of the world. Would you like to beat them? You can! All you’ve got to do is download the Blinkendroid app from the Android Marketplace on more than 72 Android phones, make the matrix work, and bam! You’ll be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Sounds pretty prestigious.

This event took place during Google Developer Day Deutschland in Munich, in November 2010. This event was briefly mention in a post we posted yesterday: Android Developers Outline World Tour, but we figured we’d give it its own post. Love it!

To find this app in the app market, search for the word “Blinkendroid.” It should be the only app that pops up – developed by Andreas Schildbach.

Check it out! And let us know how it goes – we’ve yet to try it!